Optimized conception of sustainable concrete pavements

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The environmental classification is one of the main points to be considered for external pavements in new buildings and logistics projects.

The optimization and using of eco-sustainable materials of the OPTIPAVE and OPTIPAVE VRS systems are properties that offer a perfect solution.

In this webinar, we will explain the technical characteristics to define these solutions.  At same time, we will show the huge experience accumulated about these systems: high traffic roads, highways, external pavements and truck loading and unloading areas.

OPTIPAVE systems are internationally recognized and are already one of the design methods accepted by different regulations.

It is a very interesting webinar, where we will explain the use of low-thickness concrete systems as an alternative solution of thick traditional pavements and asphalt roads.

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Optimized conception of concrete pavements


- Optipave System

 - Optipave VRS System, adding the VRS technology to the Optipave designed pavements

 - Pavement execution and design minimizing the carbon footprint

Presented by


Juan Pablo Covarrubias

General Manager of TCPavements

Civil Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile

Expert in the use of design methodologies (AASHTO 93, AASHTO Pavement ME, StreetPave, OptiPave)

Specialist in the rational analysis and mechanical responses, of slabs supported on the ground, through finite element methods (Islab2000, Everfee) and also in the evaluation of environmental conditions in rigid pavements (Alabeo).

Expert in the design and behaviour of concrete as a material, especially with the use of structural fibres.

Director of the ISCP (International Society for Concrete Pavements)


Agustín Escámez

Business Development Director RCR Flooring Services

Technical Engineer of Public Works by the UPM

20 years of experience in the design, design and construction of industrial floors.

Specialist in diagnosis and resolution of flooring pathologies.

Professor at the Association College of Industrial Engineers - Trainer of new professionals in the sector.

International speaker and lecturer. Writer for technical articles.

This webinar is intended for engineers, pavement and flooring professionals, constructors, developers and owners